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I’ve helped dozens of health and fitness coaches and trainers scale their businesses to 6-figures and beyond...

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 Anthony Mendez is a health & fitness entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience. He is also a top level athlete and coach for PUMA! Most importantly he is a top tier business coach for all the health & fitness coaches who are looking to take their online business to the next level by using the power of social media to generate 6 figures or more a year consistently! He is also the Co-Host of the Sweat It Out Podcast which highlights conversations about: Health, Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Business, & Mindset. Anthony has become a dedicated and high performing individual on social media. He's always using his platform to learn, network, & work with others to create an impact in the community. Lastly, he hosts multiple events all over Miami and has been featured on top magazines & publications like: Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Mens Health Magazine, Mens Journal, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Future Sharks, Thrive Global, NY Weekly, LA Wire, The Chicago Journal, La Progressive, Medium, Yolo Daily, Times Bulletin, and All Health Channel.

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